Rutland 504 Wind Turbine

Rutland 504 Wind Turbine 12V 60W Marine Grade
Manufacturer: Rutland


The Rutland 504 wind turbine (previously known as the Rutland 503 wind charger) is ideal for marine applications such as charging batteries on board boats under 10m in length but it also can be used for small land based wind turbine applications using the 504 Wind Turbine tower and the 504 Wind Turbine Rigging Kit for the rigging required for a temporary tower mounting for your 504 wind turbine.On a boat the battery charge can be stored up over time by trickle charging when weather conditions allow. This charge can then be used to power electrical appliances such as navigation systems, phone charges and laptops etc.

The compact size of the Rutland 504 wind generator makes it suitable for smaller boats, often where 100 ampere hour batteries are in use. The battery can be topped up effortlessly and for free while you are out and about enjoying your day on the water.  The Rutland 504 wind turbine has been manufactured under ISO9001 standards with on-board grade materials to ensure the turbine can handle marine weather elements. The Rutland 504 wind turbine can also be used in leisure applications on land, e.g. caravans and motor homes but primarily has been designed for use aboard boats, yachts and barges.

A great way to utilise wind power to start generating your own electricity when out and about on board your boat or caravan. Please see our mini budget kit and yacht budget kit for our full range of accessories. You may also be intrested in the 504 Wind Turbine Boat Kit for your boat under 10 meters.

Rutland 504 Wind Turbine 12V Power Output

    Trickle charges in wind speeds as low as 5 knots.
    Generates up to 60W, nominally 5A @ 12V at 50 knots.
    Produces 25W in 19 knots.
    2A @ 12V charge into the battery.
    6 protected aerofoil blades.
    Turbine diameter = 510mm
    Length = 439mm
    Weight = 3.5Kg
    Max power output = up to 60W
    This is only available as a 12V system.

Key Product Features

    New streamlined design using the latest and improved materials with greater UV stability.
    The generator maintains momentum between gusts of wind where many turbines often tend to stall. This results in more free power which can be stored in the battery.
    Stainless steel fasteners and marine grade materials.
    Brushless alternator with fixed shaft requires no maintenance and low noise levels.
    360 degree free rotation: the 'post adaptor' secures the turbine to the pole which carries the slip ring and brush gear. This enables the turbine to rotate 360 degrees freely without causing the wires to twist inside the mounting pole.
    The spigot that slots into the pole is now distinctively blue anodised to prevent oxidisation with the pole.

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